Setting prices

There are several ways to display prices on your calendar, from straightforward fixed prices to complex prices that get dynamically calculated.

  • Fixed prices: Set a fixed price for each resource, service or class you offer
  • Price based on drop-down: Set a different price based on a user selected option
  • Pricing rules: Set flexible pricing rules to implement almost any pricing construct you can think of (advanced)

Fixed prices

The easiest way to set prices is to give each resource, service or slot in your schedule their own fixed price. The setup process varies, depending on the type of schedule that you are working with:

  • Resource schedule

    On the Resources tab, under Price, select – Fixed price – and fill in the desired price. Click Save changes and new bookings will now use the set pricing.

  • Capacity schedule

    You can specify a default price for newly created slots. To do so, check Add a price field to the “create new slot” dialog and specify a price. You can overwrite this default price upon creating or editing a slot, allowing different slots to have different prices.

    Click Save changes and new slots will now use the set pricing. Existing slots will remain unchanged.

  • Service schedule

    A price can be specified for each service in the schedule. You can set this price while creating or editing the service. Note that in order to show prices in the list of services, you need to explicitly check the Show a price column in lists option near the bottom of the Services tab.

Price based on drop-down menu

(resource schedule only, to use a drop-down on the other schedules types use a price rule)
As a special case, the resource schedule type offers the ability to determine the price based on a drop-down list without having to set up a price rule. You can create a list of options with price and appointment length. The user then selects an option from a drop-down box during booking. To set this up go to the Resources tab, and under Price, select: Determined by selection list

A text area will appear under Length of reservations where each of the options can be entered as a separate line. Each option consists of a short description of the reservation followed by the duration in H:MM or D:HH:MM format and then the price. For example:
Premium bowling 1:30 $45. You can optionally add a word in square brackets to indicate the value that should be stored in the database, and that will show up in the email confirmation. See the Length of reservation limitations for a detailed explanation. When you are done click Save changes for the changes to take effect.

Pricing rules

Pricing rules allow you to change the price of your services based on different criteria. This allows you to implement almost any pricing construct you can think of, for example:

  • Increase prices by 50% on the weekends
  • Round to the nearest $5 and add $2 if the appointment length is less than 1 hour
  • Add an amount based on a selection from a drop-down menu or a custom form
  • Charge an upfront deposit of 10%

Please refer to Advanced pricing to learn more.