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General questions

How can I contact you? SuperSaaS is a self-service system, which means that all of our clients set up their own system with the use of the support links and step-by-step tutorials. We do not provide telephone support, but we are happy to provide support via email. This way we can keep our prices as low as possible and provide a free version for new customers and non-commercial use.
How will customers find my schedule? There are several ways to get people to your schedule. The most common way is to put a link or button on your own website, or put the schedule inside a frame on your site. If you don’t have a website, you can send the link to your SuperSaaS schedule via email or share it on Twitter or Facebook. You can find the link to your schedule on the Overview tab of the configuration page. The integration section explains each of the options in detail.
Do I need to have my own website? If you don’t have a website, there are several alternatives to reach your users. Once you set up your schedule, you will have a link that is a normal web link (“URL”). So you can email or text that link to your users, or you can put it on Twitter or your Facebook page.
Can I keep my customers’ information private? We take your privacy and the security of your customers’ data very seriously. You are able to specify precisely what information is visible to other users in the configuration of your schedule. So your users’ names will not be visible to anyone if you choose to keep it private, which is the default. Note that when you are logged in as administrator you will always be able to see all details. So to confirm that the information shows as intended you should log out and look at your schedule pretending to be a regular user.
Why does my calendar work for me but not for my users? When you are logged in as administrator you have different abilities than when a client visits your page. It is a good idea to log out as administrator and try it out as a regular visitor to see if it works as intended. Your access settings may not be correct. The Access tab of the configuration screen for each calendar determines who can make or change appointments. Also, note that if you are using a Capacity type schedule, then your customers can only book in places where you’ve created empty slots beforehand. If you want your clients to be able to book anywhere within opening hours then you will want to use a “resource” or “service” type schedule instead.
Do you have a mobile app? When you (or your clients) visit a schedule with a mobile device, such as an iPhone or Android, the system will automatically show a version optimized for handheld devices. You can also display your calendar using an icon on the home screen of an iPad or iPhone. It will look like an app, but you don’t need to visit the App Store to download it. See the information on mobile devices for details.
Does SuperSaaS comply with the EU Data Protection law? Yes, SuperSaaS is fully compliant with the EU GDPR regulation and all customer data is hosted on servers inside the European Union. We created a page about SuperSaaS and the GDPR to explain what this means to you.
I am a web developer; can I buy SuperSaaS for a customer? Yes, you are welcome to resell our service and are free to add customizations or additional services using our API. For details and pricing see the partner programs page. The software is not for sale for installation on your own server.

Subscriptions and billing

Is it really free? How much does it cost? The site is free to try out and you are welcome to keep using the free service for private and non-commercial use. If you are using the free version then advertisements are displayed and the site has a limit on how many appointments you can make and a few other limitations. Details can be found on the pricing page.
How does the “upcoming appointment” limit work? There is no limit on the number of appointments you can make per month, there is only a limit on the number of upcoming appointments you have in your account. Upcoming appointments are those appointments in your calendar that have not taken place yet. So as soon as an appointment passes, it no longer counts towards the total. The Usage Information page inside your account shows a detailed tally.

While this may seem slightly harder to understand than the monthly limit that other services use, it actually has several important benefits. When you exceed your appointment limit you can set a limit on how far in advance your users can make an appointment and you will automatically fall below the limit again as time passes. So you won’t be forced to upgrade to a larger package right away.
What happens if I exceed my appointment limit? If you exceed the maximum number of appointments allowed for your subscription the system will notify you by email. You then have three days to either upgrade the account or reduce the number of appointments (feel free to email us if you need more time).

We will never delete your upcoming appointments. If you still exceed your limit after three days then the system will no longer accept new appointments until the situation is rectified. All other functionality remains unchanged. So you, and your users, can still view and edit appointments that have already been entered.
My subscription payment failed, what should I do? Payments fail, sometimes without a clear reason, but this is no cause for concern. They will automatically be retried in a few days. If payment fails three times in a row then your subscription will automatically be cancelled, but that is still no reason to worry: your SuperSaaS account and the appointments in it won’t be affected and simply signing up again will usually fix it. If you don’t want to wait then you can safely cancel and resubscribe to retry payment right away. The data inside your account will not be affected if you resubscribe within 3 days, and you can always let us know if you need more time.
My subscription got cancelled, will my data be deleted? SuperSaaS will under no circumstance remove your upcoming appointments, not even if your subscription is cancelled on purpose. If your subscription was cancelled, either accidentally or on purpose, you can simply re-subscribe on the Subscription Status page. If you have too many appointments in your account you will receive an email from our system asking you to sign up again within 3 days but feel free to email us if you need more time. After that period your account will be blocked from making new appointments until the situation is resolved, your account will otherwise remain functional.
Can you send me an invoice? SuperSaaS subscriptions can only be paid via PayPal or credit card. After payment is received an invoice for accounting purposes can be found inside your account via the Subscription Status page.
How can I change the credit card or PayPal or bank account I use to pay? You can change your credit card on the Subscription Status page inside your account. If you are paying us via PayPal then you can change your credit card or bank account inside your PayPal account.
How can I cancel my subscription? You can cancel your subscription at any time from the cancellation page inside your account. This will downgrade your account to the free version at the end of your current payment term. If you want to completely remove your account and all associated data then you can do so on that same page once the account has reverted to the free version.

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